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Southampton Computers is a Moncton, NB based, IT services company that offers computer sales, networking services and desktop support to small-medium sized businesses. Locally owned and operated, Southampton Computers has been providing comprehensive computer services and network support since 1991.

While the majority of customers fall in the Greater Moncton area (Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview), Southampton Computers is set up to service customers all across Canada; with a significant number of customer locations in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Alberta.  

An IT Team without the
IT HR Expense

We built an IT team so you wouldn’t have to. Most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have technology needs that are greater than their technical knowledge. This is normal and to be expected. You are entrepreneurs and managers, not IT technicians. And it just doesn’t make financial sense to hire these positions full-time. We partner with SMBs to be the IT support team for their businesses. Learn more about our IT consulting services.

Quick Response

With the largest computer technician team in the Greater Moncton Area, we’re able to take your call and address your needs faster than any other computer business in the area. With in-shop service, on-site technicians, and remote capabilities, we can remedy your situation in whatever fashion makes the most sense. Your emergencies matter to us.

We Take Your Data Seriously

Any work done to your computer in our shop is first backed up to make sure no data is lost in the process. And we save these backups for a short period of time after we return your computer just to make sure everything is as it should be. We provide these temporary data backups for you, not for us. Your data is destroyed after we know you’ve been looked after.

We Speak Your Language

Technology can be intimidating. In any dealings with our technicians, we’ll do our best to help you understand your situation. We want to communicate your issues and solutions in a way that makes sense to you. We also have bilingual staff to serve you in the language of your choice.

Great Rates

We want to provide value for the services you need. We’ve really tried hard to position ourselves as a premium service at a mid-range price level. We think that’s fair. Our prices aren’t that far off from the low end providers, but our service far surpasses theirs. Give us a call and give us a try.

We have been working with Southampton Computers for many years. We work closely with their team to provide seamless voice and data solutions to our customers. With Southampton’s customer service centric approach, their support options fit together extremely well with our own. Their team of knowledgeable staff are always a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. With a wide variety of available brands and solutions, we always recommend Southampton Computers to any of our customers looking for a professional technology team able to offer quick, prompt service, and provide the right solution for their needs and budget.

Denise L.

DPT Communications Inc.

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